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Exposure Film Foundry LLC

A small video production company based in Lansing MI, we primarily work with non-profits for documentary and promotional work. This does not preclude forays into genre and short-formatting narrative film making. We are filmmakers for hire.


A lifelong fan of cinema, Dan Kofoed has studied the theory and visual narrative conventions of comics and film, published academically on those subjects, and taught creative writing at both Michigan State University and the University of South Dakota. Through hands-on experience, he has reverse-engineered that theory into practice. Exposure Film Foundry was informally founded in the summer of 2014 to record a chance interview with a visiting humanitarian for a local non-profit, and formally organized as an LLC in late 2016.


  • Promotional video services – whether a snippet for your Facebook feed, an informative video for your website, a DVD appeal to mail to supporters, or an opening video for a professional conference, let us know your needs. We can conduct and edit interviews, edit using provided footage, and film material ourselves, with production to HD online standards or playable DVD discs.
  • Documentary services – projects operating on a longer time-frame can be filmed in progress and edited to fit your needs.
  • Narrative production – with experience scripting, directing, filming, editing, color grading, and sound mixing, our narrative work has won recognition on the festival circuit.